Zines: Basic & Beyond

Zine, Workshops

We hang out, talk about feelings, and make a one-page folded zine. Come make one!
At Various Spaces

Electric Zine Maker

Zine, Workshops, Just4Fun
EZM is indie software made by Natalie Lawhead.  It ‘s a lovely glitchy  introduction to making zines with technology.  We  spent some time getting familiar, and then uploaded an interactive version online.
At Glasgow Zine Library

Documentation, Web
Event Description

AR Filter:
In Community We Trust

A sweet lil Instagram filter celebrating community
On Instagram

( Really really fun to make. )

Digital Literacy


Ran a variety of workshops around Digital Literacy at a public library from 2022-23. Topics included HTML/CSS, SparkAR, Makey Makeys, etc. Favourite program to run was Craft & Code, where we got hands on with art, origami, circuits, etc.  
With Kitchener Public Library

Flower Feast

Prototyping,  Just4Fun

Made a small game with Bitsy!  Adore this lil game engine, and hoping to make something cooler soon.

Play the Game!
Original Doc 

Sidewalk Chalk

Prototyping, Research
I was trying to make a remote chalk robot. It would use chalk as a grafitti medium, with the thrill of covert operations. I started out with finding ways to attach chalk to toys, partly because they’re fun to hack. This led to a public prototyping workshop where we spent the afternoon exploring chalk, robots and movement.  Last two images/video are from the original toy car prototype.
With Berlin City Lab


Untitled (Well Rested)

Prototyping,  Research

Sewing. Made lots of  rice bags, to wear, to gift, to hold.  As a way to explore my relationship to my own body and all its aches and pains.  This research has evolved into other projects, but wanted to share this first seedling. One of these objects were part of a group show, as per the last two images and link.
Objects I use, or that have been gifted to others. 

At Xpace

Drawing as Magic

Research, Workshops

Drawing is the expression of experience. Taking this idea further, I wanted to expand on the idea of experience. Could we translate sound into drawing? emotion? movement? This series of workshops were a way to explore drawing as translation, in a public space.
At Various Spaces

Misc. Facilitation

Research, Workshops

I often run various other workshops, often by request. A lot of my ‘research’ is teaching based, so it complements how my general artistic practice.  
At Various Spaces

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