Image Description:

Tee is encased in a variety of safety gear (ear protectors, goggles over their glasses, a tan leather apron, mask), as they use a dremel sander to work on a long wooden object with many angles and curves. They are sitting in a wood woodshop, and behind them, we can see a fire extinguisher, mop, and a door that leads to a washroom. Definitely a makerspace.
Official Bio:

Tee is an interdisciplinary being of love and chaos. They mostly draw things. Rooted in community-based contexts, their work takes on many forms: social practice, performance, facilitation, zines, code, circuits, etc. They are a storyteller and want to make helpful things. 

A DIY dabbler, at this time they are recovering from burnout and moving like a snail. 🐌 You can email them at if you’d like to say hello 💚 

On Organizing:

Over the past few years, Tee has worked in organizing capacities with various DIY spaces. They are super excited about supporting folks and gathering resources, supporting collaboration, co-learning, conflict/repair, etc. A lot of their own work, especially in the realm of community arts, has grown out of these collective spaces. 

Interesting ones to note would be FriendZone, where they first got into organizing with workshops and music shows in 2017, & Alt-Futures, a BIPOC media Arts residency they ran with Factory Media Arts Centre in 2021. They continue to be involved in various DIY groups and arts/educational/community spaces. 🌺 At the moment, they are gently starting to get involved in initiatives around archives/libraries and technology in Montreal. 

Supporting pathways to non-institutional learning and redistribution of resources in the arts ecosystem is very important to them. 🧑🏽‍💻

Personal Note:

Hiya 🦋

Summer 2023, I quit what was supposed to be my dream job - a public library - to do artist residencies in Berlin & Glasgow. I spent more time in the studio than taking in the scenes, but it really recharged my creative energies. I messed with circuits, started taking apart toys, made a really cool zine, etc. Brought a lot of joy back into my life 🌺

I’m hoping to dedicate the next little while to making, traveling, and enjoying being alive. Studio-wise, I’m especially exploring ecology,  pleasure, information, archives, zines, soft circuits, etc. 🌱 Will probably be back to doing more workshop things soon. I miss sharing skills!! 

In other news, I finally made the move to Tiotià:ke*, from the Haldimand tract. I mainly hang out with E., 6 month old cat child, and do community research work through a rad queer non profit. I spend about two days a week having studio time, n continue to sleep a lot. 

Always available to make drawings, websites, etc. Esp for fellow BIPOC creatives. 

+ Trying to go outside and make friends!! 

Anyyways. Hope you’re also having a good* time :-) 

Here if you need me,

*Montreal is more expensive than it used to be, but I’m glad to be around pals, even though settling into a new city is hard sometimes.

**good is a tricky word. But, like. hope there are moments in your day that you feel loved and supported by the universe. ✦ Dugga Dugga

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An interdisciplinary being of love and chaos, Tee is currently trying to build a life they enjoy taking part in.